What is Your Dream?

What is Your Dream?
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When I was a kid, I wanted to be a surgeon. Particularly one that transplanted bone marrow. Many would say that’s lofty for an eight-year-old. To this day I don’t know where this idea came from or why I latched on to it. Once I realized the amount of schooling that a surgeon had to go through and the specificity of the field, I changed my tune. It wasn't by much though.

After that, like every little girl I wanted to be a ballerina. Then it was a musician or singer. Later, I wanted to be a nurse, then a writer. Of course, we see this all the time in young people, but it appears we are not growing out of it.  

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Statistics say that the average person changes careers five to seven times during their working lives. Also, 30% of the workforce changes jobs every twelve months. 

That’s a lot of hopping around!

Even I will admit to reading “Now What?” by Laura Berman Fortgang. The author is a life coach and boasts “90 days to a new life direction” its pages.  

Now What?

90 Days to a New Life Direction

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The top reasons for changing careers are:  

Why do people change careers?


Career satisfaction 

Unsatisfactory leadership 

Work flexibility 

Changing philosophy and goals. 

Is there anything holding you back from your dream? What’s keeping you from starting that side business or branching into that new field? 

Three common barriers are self-doubt, time, and lack of network or connections.

1) Self-doubt or fear

I encourage you to immerse yourself in a space with people in the field you are trying to enter. Read about it. Study it. Practice if applicable. Join an online community. The more you are exposed to what is novel, the more familiar it will become. Before long, the idea of taking it on in larger portions will seem less daunting.

2) Time 

If you’re struggling with time management, try some tips from YouTube or Skill Share for getting organized and being productive. I can recommend this guy. Ali Abdaal is a YouTuber who is big on productivity.  

3) Lack of network 

When it comes to networking in a new field, try asking your current network for contacts and having a strong online presence. There are more tips here.  

Make and keep up with connections.

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Again, I ask. What is your dream?  

Now get out there! 

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." 

--Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

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