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In addition to bringing you sound information about practicing wellness and mental health, I also enjoy creative writing. I publish short stories and poetry on Medium. Here's an sample.



What do you say to the lost and alone?
How do you help the tortured and worn?
What can be done in perpetual night?
Who can help them see the light?

There is no drug to stop the pain.
Withering, crumbling, hollow again.
No touch, no laugh will bring the day.
Ever slipping, further away.

There’s one way to draw them back,
To overcome heartache and lack.
Face your reflection, and be resolved.
It’s not the end. Fight with your all.

The past is done. Take your bow.
Today is for living. Be here, now!
Dig deep for hope and strength to live.
The present, after all, is the best gift.

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Special Treatment


I don’t know how normal it is to be close to your extended family, but my Aunt Lilly was as dear as a mother to me. Growing up, I spent more time with her than at home. Now, at thirty-five, I still treasured her. She was still vivacious and daring well into her sixties, so it was a major shock when we found out that she had colon cancer.

Her doctor wasted no time in getting her to the right people and within a couple weeks of her diagnosis, I was driving her to consult with the surgeon. We enjoyed an hour of scenic highway before hitting the traffic of greater St. Louis. Besides her being tired, as was the usual lately, we arrived with no fuss. The reputation of ‘Gastrointestinal Consultants’ was superb, and the staff was professional as they checked her in.

When the surgeon came into the small exam room, dressed in business attire and a crisp white coat, I couldn’t help my smile. Though his hair had grayed some, I recognized him instantly.

“Hello, I’m Dr. Jacobs,” he introduced curtly, shaking Aunt Lilly’s hand then mine.

“Hey Dr. J,” I said with a wide smile, “I went to nursing school with Anna. We used to study at your house.” It had been about 5 years, but I still spoke to his daughter and asked after him.

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Special Treatment
My aunt’s doctor goes above and beyond

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