Best Self-Care Tips for Well-Being

I'm sharing some of the best self-care tips and ways to start your own routine.

Best Self-Care Tips for Well-Being
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Self-care has gotten to be a buzzword in the last few years. It’s defined simply as looking after one’s own health and well-being. It is a way to combat stressors, promote health, and cope with illness or disability.  

Self-care is not just for women!

In contrast to the belief of some, self-care is not selfish. It is not only for the mentally or physically ill. It’s little ways to take care of yourself so that you can live and work with more effectiveness and clarity. Some practices have been linked to living a longer life: Exercise, sleep, and getting outside 

In this article I’ll give you ways you can practice self-care emotionally, physically, and spiritually 


Saying no (making and keeping boundaries) 

Expressing gratitude 

Limiting exposure to the news 


Engaging with positive influences 

Embracing self-acceptance 

Practicing self-compassion 

Seeking Support

Need support?

This can be your close friends or family. It you need a therapist, try BetterHelp






Doing hobbies 

Playing a sport 

Eating healthy meals 

Drinking water 

Prioritizing sleep 

Getting sunlight 

How simply moving benefits your mental health - Harvard Health
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Doing Yoga (partly physical) 

Deep breathing 

Making Vision board/writing positive affirmations 

Listing to music playlists 

Practicing Mindfulness meditation 

More on mindfulness meditation

It has multiple benefits on mental health, sleep, and blood pressure by practicing being in the moment. Mayo Clinic mindfulness exercises.

Connecting with others (including animals) 



Using Art therapy (catharsis) 

More on art therapy

It is creative expression through dance, drama, music, and writing. A very well mind.

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I know that was a lot. Here are some tips to make a self-care plan! 

Make a Routine 

1. Choose which activities bring you joy, rejuvenate you, and bring balance. 

2. Start small by introducing ONE thing a week 

3. Build up to doing that thing every day for 7 days 

4. Reflect. How does it make you feel? 

5. Add more when you are ready. 

6. Get support from a therapist, or a close friend or family. 

Need a hand? Download my free checklist.

In conclusion, remember you are valuable and irreplaceable. While we all have priorities, do not forget to take time to look out you for you. I hope you will make time for self-care in the coming days.  

Be well. 

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