Three Unexpected Ways to Spend Valentine's Day

Three Unexpected Ways to Spend Valentine's Day
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From what I’ve gathered, the consensus around Valentine’s Day is two-fold. Either people look forward to the chance to celebrate it, or they feel it is over commercialized.  

Whichever way feel about it, I want to share three ways you can spend Valentine’s Day this year. 

Love Yourself 

It doesn’t matter if you’re surrounded by friends and family, happily entangled, or living alone, you deserve love. Valuing and treating yourself well is often a neglected habit. I recently posted about self-care. You can read more about that here

Self-love and care should be a regular thing, but if not, I challenge you to take this opportunity to start building a routine. 

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Have an Anti-Valentine's Day 

This is for the ones that traditionally dislike this holiday. 

Get a group of friends together and have a party. (Or a kickback. Don’t ask) Cast off social norms for a few hours with people you mesh with. 

This would have been my scene back in the day. It would have eased my knee-jerk reaction to be unpleasant to anyone who wished me a “Happy Valentine’s Day.”  

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Pamper your Partner: But not just on the 14th 

I have this friend that doesn’t celebrate holidays with her husband. No Valentine’s or Christmas gifts. She said that they celebrate each other all year.  

In contrast, there are those that only buy gifts for their partners two to three times a year. Don’t be that person. If gifts aren’t your thing, give your time and affection. They will see that you care instead of just hearing you say it or making empty gestures. 

Every holiday means something different to everyone. Valentine’s is no different. I hope you can find a way to celebrate yourself and your loved ones this year.  

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